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Why do you need an e-shop?

If you too wish to have a competitive advantage, not only in the Greek but also the international market, then there is no other way than this: Your shop needs to be transferred online!

In this way you will be able το showcase your products or services, attract a vast number of customers- since there are no geographical limitations online-cut back on your fixed costs and offer your customers a unique experience.

After all, consuming behavior is no longer the same. Therefore, instead of wasting time and money on poorly effective or even ineffective methods, you can invest in setting up an e-shop which will see not only to your customers’ need for fast and easy service but also your company goals.

Κατασκευή E-shop


Your e-shop is your online shop window. Taking full advantage of its potentials, you can increase your clientele and your company’s status.


An e-shop is your immediate link to the global market. From the tiniest country to the biggest continent, everyone could be a potential customer.


No employee can ever be more faithful than an e-shop. It will be working 24/7 all year long, resulting in boosting not only your efficiency but also your sales.


Your e-shop is a source of information and products for all Internet users, who can access it without even having to move.

What an e-shop built by Eshoped can really offer you?

With the right partners… success is a one-way street!

Αυτοματοποιημένη εισαγωγή προϊόντων

Automated product input

If you have already listed your products on an Excel sheet or any other database, you will not need to list them again one by one in your e-shop. This task can be performed automatically through the tools we provide.

Set up your e-shop- Caching

The 1st step to fast page loading!

An essential element of website efficiency is the time needed for an e-shop page to load. It has been proved, through Microsoft and other e-shops research, that for every 100ms a webpage needs to load, sales drop by 0.8-1.0%. Apart from that, the loading speed affects not only the Google results ranking system, but also any advertising costs you may have in Google AdWords.

For all these reasons mentioned above, we use caching techniques (data storage in buffer) so that the server starts sending your website data immediately.

Κατασκευή Ηλεκτρονικού Καταστήματος με Caching
Κατασκευή E-Shop με Front-End Optimization

Building an E-Shop using Front-End Optimization:

Speed it up!

One of the main reasons why a page may take long to load is excessive content which has not been optimized. The construction as well as the techniques followed define website performance in a similar way.

When building a website or an e-shop, we pay significant attention to the programming method, to cover all these details and to provide you with a page that can perform 100% of its potential.
We use techniques such as graphic and content optimization. We also use css sprites as well as all tools advised by Google Page Speed to achieve load optimization of your e-shop.

One-Page Checkout E-shops

When a potential customer adds a product to their basket, it is not guaranteed that they will indeed be a customer. Completing an order is the main goal of an e-shop and the steps leading to this action are of utmost importance and need to be handled carefully so that customers do not change their mind. An important factor to avoiding this, is eliminating any kind of complexity and difficulty during purchase process, since it can often lead to purchase disruption.

In Eshoped, we emphasize on purchase facilitation, therefore we have developed One Page Checkout for our clients’ e-shops.

When it comes to checkout, it is all in the details. Εvery e-shop is unique and different regarding its customers’ needs and users’ response. Therefore, starting from a high-performance level, based on our experience, we improve its functionality over time, trying out and identifying the best high-performance solution.

Πτυσσόμενα μενού κατηγοριών

E-shop design using mega menus

for better accessibility and faster navigation

Using either vertical or horizontal mega menus along with the application of proper category- subcategory structure, we offer visitors a full image of categories up to 3rd level subcategories to facilitate their navigation throughout the e-shop.

Product filters

With multiple Ajax filters we provide the visitor with the ability to filter the number of products on their screen according to the features that interest them (material, colour, price range etc.)

For instance, a visitor might request an immediate (4-click) display of medium-size red women’s trousers, priced 80 to 120 euros

Filters are an essential tool for every e-shop featuring many products, not only for its users’ convenience but also for sales increase.

Φίλτρα προϊόντων
Social Login

Social Login

through Facebook, Twitter & Google and more

Logging in through Facebook, Twitter or Google allows you to create an e-shop account through the user’s account in every form of social media. The customer will not be obliged to create a new one for the e-shop, saving them time when completing their order.

Time saved results in increasing conversion and sales rate, thus making Social Login an essential tool for an e-shop.

Ecommerce tracking

in Google Analytics

Connecting your e-shop with Google Analytics and processing your sales data (revenue, number of transactions, products for sale) enables us to analyze and optimize your e-shop sales according to traffic sources, campaigns, keywords etc.
In Eshoped, as Google Analytics Certified Professionals and through our experience with plenty of e-shops, we are in position of consulting you and directing you towards the proper strategy to be followed for your e-shop sales to increase.

Διασύνδεση Πωλήσεων
Ευδιάκριτη Εμφάνιση Προϊόντων

Distinct Product Display

The final presentation of a product is the main page from which most sales occur in an e-shop.

Depending on the product, we advise and recommend the appropriate page set up so that we can have the best proportions along with all the necessary information concerning the product in all the right places.

E-shop Hosting

in fast and reliable servers

Choosing an e-shop hosting server needs a lot of attention, since it defines its proper operation, no matter how well- designed or functioning it is. A server needs to work unceasingly and properly to prevent customer loss. In Eshoped, we host more than 1200 sites in privately owned and ultra-fast servers, optimized for the technology we use. All our servers are monitored on a 24-hour basis by a team of experts, ready to deal with any problem that might occur.

Γλώσσα προτίμησης

User- friendly website management in Greek

or any other language you may wish

The user-friendly environment we deliver is easy to work with, requiring simple computer command and without any extra programs, either in Greek or any language you desire. This enables you to add categories and products, process orders, view your traffic statistics, your clientele etc.

When delivering an e-shop, we also undertake management training, office-based or distance.

Not just an e-shop!
A real sales tool!

Having designed more than 1200 e-shops, we can guarantee that your investment will prove profitable.

When designing an e-shop, the main goal is for even the least familiar with the Internet user to be able to make a purchase without hesitating in the least. That is the reason why we choose pretty, yet minimal and above all user-friendly designs.

The experience we have gained designing and advertising hundreds of e-shops and the fact that we have seen in practice which designing and operating options perform best, allow us to build websites which lead the customer to purchasing a product the same way a sales assistant does.  The final choice lies entirely with the customer. It is our duty, though, to provide them with all the information they need to make that choice, to eliminate all obstacles on the way to checkout and to guarantee a safe purchase.

Website building processin 3 simple steps

We have been trying to keep our workflow as simple and understandable as possible. Thus, the process of setting up a website or an e-shop is divided into 3 basic parts, presented below:

your needs

Analyzing your needs and goals concerning the website you wish to build and collecting all the necessary data

& Developing

Design and developing, using new technologies, based on your specification, and embedding the content.

Quality Control
& Delivery

Final check and stylization of your website after any possible changes you may desire. System management training and delivery of your website.

Any inquiries? Feel free to contact us, starting today !

There is so much more that we can do for you apart from building your e-shop and we would be delighted to have you contact us; this way we can get to know each other, record your needs and offer you the best possible solution! We are looking forward to meeting!

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