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Our Eshoped team offers you multimedia presentations in different forms:
Flash Disks, CD / DVD, Internet etc.

Multimedia Technology enables the promotion of your business in any possible way, addressing each one of your customers’ five senses. The efficiency of audiovisual media within a well-structured, movement – including visual environment will surely make a great impression.

Multimedia break the limitations of printed and radio advertising. In multimedia presentations, all sorts of digital audiovisual content are apt to being projected. In this way, your customers are supplied with rich, original and dynamic advertising material.

One of the main tools rendering a multimedia presentation unique is the option of customer interaction with it; the possibility for the reader not only to be able to watch a presentation, but actually to interfere, by selecting themselves, through navigation, what they desire to watch

An investment in creating contemporary presentations using multimedia technology is definitely profitable, since it provides information in a way that pleases the readers. Furthermore, it adds prestige to a business exactly the same way as a corporate website.

We offer to develop your presentation, in order to cover your business needs and display your activity, with the use of multimedia technology, for a truly modern result.

Corporate Video

If an image is worth a thousand words, then a video…?

The time when only a simple text could be enough for an online presence is long gone. A complete online display requires multimedia. Enriching your existing material with videos offers you a great advantage over your competition. Video featuring is currently supported by dominant web hosting media, such as YouTube, which also contribute to their promotion.

Corporate video is an essential part of corporate identity and it complements the online presence of every business in a harmonic way. It is a modern tool, which allows the customer to approach the company or the business, in a strong and very effective way. It also boosts communication and the promotion of products and services every business offers

Our company is in position of creating corporate videos displaying all the benefits of a company and contribute to developing a powerful corporate image. Our philosophy is to serve all marketing and communication needs of a company with a high-quality video which will respond to its image and values.

Create your own corporate video now and acquire a dynamic promotion tool.

  • Web promotion through your website or YouTube.
  • Projection at the beginning or during a company presentation.
  • Projection within private networks such as supermarkets, shopping malls, banks, etc.
  • Projection within product and services expositions.
  • Business executive training.
  • Tv Channel broadcast.
  • Projection at the reception area of your company.
  • CD or DVD issuing to existing and potential customers.


Create or convert your business printed material into an electronic form. And beyond that! Promote it, advertise it, or send it to your customers through your e-mail newsletter!

e-Brochure is an advanced form of e-Publishing and presentations, using the latest digitalization technology featuring unique marketing potential!

No matter your printed material (product catalogues, leaflets, company profile presentation, balance sheet, magazines, newspapers, etc.), with an e-Brochure, you can bring it to life!

Have a 24/7/365 public display, without any special knowledge required.

A Browser is all it takes for your reader to be able to browse through your e-Brochure, zoom in on the points that interest them, download it, print it in high resolution or even send it to a friend!

Any inquiries? Feel free to contact us, starting today!

There is so much more that we can do for you apart from creating your media for you and we would be delighted to have you contact us; this way we can get to know each other, record your needs and offer you the best possible solution! We are looking forward to meeting!

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